Projects of all scales are more complex than ever before and even the smallest defect, if caught late in a timeline, can cost significantly more than if it is found and rectified promptly.


A good visual inspection is the first step in ensuring early defect identification. Most industrial operators and general contractors have some sort of visual inspection based quality assurance program in place to ensure identify and rectify defects. Though simple in nature, these inspections provide the highest return on time invested. Unfortunately, visual inspections can be exceedingly difficult to carry out in inaccessible spots. Drone based-inspection enables access to otherwise inaccessible structures and details, offering immediate action as an alternative to more traditional, time consuming and costly inspection methods like helicopter, rope access, sky-lifts, bucket-trucks, and scaffolding.


Using drone technology, Teledrone is able access visual inspection locations where extensive preparation and labour would be needed otherwise. Regular inspection routes can be programmed into our drones to ensure consistency of inspections. Some examples of where this is essential include:


  • Bridge and overpass inspection

  • Cranes

  • Power lines

  • Wind turbines

  • Exhaust stacks

  • Dams

  • Roofs

  • Aircraft maintenance

  • Structural columns and beams