Construction projects grow exponentially complicated with increasing size. When dozens of subcontractors are working on the field on the same project, it can be a challenge to globally assess how far along a job is. Teledrone uses leading edge AI in combination with drones to put together live maps of your construction site to allo general contractors and clients to see how a project is coming along at regular intervals or go back in time to see how a job has progressed.





Teledrone’s experts will meet with your project manager on site to establish the the area to be inspected, safety hazards and progress reporting frequency. If any area needs to be of focus (ie: concrete pours, equipment stations or material piles), this will be specified in the job scope.


Teledrone operators will create a baseline orthographic map of your site and follow up on a specified interval. The final map is made available to the client on an easy to use web platform similar to google maps which allow users to track changes through time or take any number of linear, area or volumetric measurements on the dataset.


The photos below are all of the same site taken at different points in time. Each of them has a link in their description which allows you to access all of the above-mentioned features as well as several more.





Each survey can be done in less than 2 hours.