Drones are a perfect fit for dozens of mining applications and counting. Teledrone’s industry specialists have years of experience in mine management and engineering across the Americas, from aggregates to uranium mining. Mines and quarries cover large expanses of land that need meticulous monitoring and planning. Drones can save time and increase precision when mine management needs visual and actionable *data (From Sensefly, a drone manufacturer) about the following:​

  • Pit and dump management

  • Communication of daily/weekly plans

  • Haul route surface optimizations

  • Haul road, dump and pit design

  • Up-to-date surfaces for optimised blast designs

  • Pre- and post-blast data

  • Stockpile management

  • Grade control & exploration planning

  • Drainage and water management

  • Watershed, drainage basin, and water flow mapping

  • Thermal detection of groundwater inflows

  • Tailing dams management, etc.

  • Construction feasibility studies

  • Leach pad, dam wall, and platform construction quality

  • Construction progress monitoring & reporting

  • Geophysical & watershed/catchment area modeling

  • Land usage reporting

  • Heritage and environmental management

  • Erosion detection

  • Vegetation change tracking

  • Cadaster surveys

  • Property rights definition

  • Security, corridor, and boundary surveillance